What To Expect


What To Expect

Andrew Murray will perform a traditional medical physical exam, followed by hands on osteopathic examination and treatment. You will lay partly clothed on the treatment table while he examines the bones, muscles, ligaments, connective tissue, joints, and nervous system of your body. This may include any body section, including but not limited to your head, neck, chest, back, pelvis, legs, and arms.



About Your Appointment

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing to your appointment. Females are best dressed in tank tops and shorts that they may change into.

The first appointment lasts 45-60 minutes for adults and children. Follow up visits last for 20-30 minutes.

Many patients notice improvement in their condition within one or two visits.

There are no set number of treatments required as each patient’s response to osteopathic treatment is unique, but many issues can be resolved or significantly improved in one to four visits. Generally, more severe, chronic/ long standing issues require more visits than acute/mild issues.

"I have been seeing Andrew for help with my neck back and hips for about a year now. I was in a car crash 28 years ago.
After seeing a chiropractor for sometime I decided a new approach was necessary, as I wasn’t improving. Within that year my hips are back to normal.

The right side of my neck has greatly improved and my left side of my neck is the only part that misbehaves every now and then. I’m beyond grateful for my increased mobility and reduction in migraines. From having to be adjusted once a week, I now have a treatment as and when I feel I need it, which was the goal from day one."

– Emma Strain

Murrary Osteopathic clinic are absolutely fantastic. Samantha is super organised and always ensures that you have an appointment best suited to you. 
Andrew is brilliant at understanding your injuries and is able to tailor treatment specific to you and has a fantastic understanding of how your work affects your injuries. 
I highly recommend Murry Osteopathic Clinic for the amazing services that they provide. 

- Rebecca Conley

Highly recommend Andrew, he has really helped with my hypermobility and other problems I suffer with. He always makes me feel comfortable and I have noticed such a big difference since going to Andrew. I had been to places before which made no difference at all. Also very affordable prices.

- Leah Blackburn

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Get Started

If you’re ready to get started or have any questions then get in touch! We will be happy to answer any queries you may have and help you to book your appointment.